Premier League; Top and Flop of the week

Top of the Week: David Silva

The young Spaniard started for Manchester City against Aston Villa. He found the back of the net just before half time to give them a lead at a crucial time. Coming back after the break Silva was quick to earn a penalty, and get an assist, after his display of fine work and sportsmanship he was eventually substituted off for Scott Sinclair. The City play-maker lead his side in the heart of the midfield with Yaya Toure, combining a few good passes on multiple opportunities and rarely giving away possession.

Flop of the week: Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez

Having scored a hat-trick as a sub last week to rescue his side from a 2-0 deficit, Sir Alex had bags of praise for the little Mexican. Wayne Rooney’s injury saw him starting the game alongside Robin van Persie up front. Playing away to Norwich, Manchester were favorites to win the game with their two in-form strikers, however, there was nothing the Red Devils could do to find a break in Norwich’s defense. Hernandez had the least to offer, having caught offside a few times, he was eventually subbed off for Danny Welbeck. A headed effort from Pilkington saw the visitors in grave danger. People had had expected a comeback, but it didn’t happen this time as Norwich eased past United with a 1-0 win.


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