Derby Day is Just Round the Corner!

The long awaited day is coming too soon as Manchester United take on Manchester City on derby day in just about the week.

Many eyes have been watching the two Manchester Clubs and how spectacularly both of them have been performing this season. City failed to pick 3 points on Saturday with a clash against Everton who defended gracefully to keep the champions at bay. Going in to a game with an opportunity to extend their lead on the top were rivals Manchester United, playing Reading away from home wasn’t going to be easy and turned out to be a 7 goal thriller as fans and critics were always on the edge of their seats. Wayne Rooney’s brace and Andersons wonder goal, with Van Persie’s close finish sealed the game with a 4-3 win.

The reigning champions haven’t lost yet, but drawing too many a game sees them in 2 place three points behind United. Manchester United have their concerns with their defending, but are secure from any distractions as they have already confirmed a spot in the last 16 of the Champions League. City, on the other hand have a tough game coming up against Borussia Dortmund in midweek and could see their focus disturbed giving their neighbours a chance to increase their lead by an incredible 6 points on the top.

As the game gets closer both managers will look for an opportunity to unnerve one another but who gets the upper hand, only time will tell.

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