Tribute to Harry; Part 1; Playing Career

As a promise, I decided to write an article about Harry Redknapp as a mark of respect if he won a game in charge of Queens Park Rangers before Christmas arrived. This is just the first part, Harry Redknapp’s playing career. Second Part is out tomoHaryy redknapp 1rrow!

Having started his career long ago as a professional for West Ham United, Henry James “Harry” Redknapp never really prospered as a player. Playing a deep midfield role never did really test his full abilities which lead to a lot movement in the transfer market. Changing clubs almost every 4-5 years lead to lack of consistency and no real opportunity to shine.

He did try to give himself a break by joining the NASL also known commonly as the MLS after a transfer to Seattle Sounders where he spent three years (1976- 1979), he only made a total of 24 appearances scoring absolutely nothing. Finally joining Bournemouth at 35, he made only 1 display when he literally achieved nothing as a player. Harry Redknapp never made an appearance for England.

Stay tuned for the second part of the “Tribute to Harry”, it’s out tomorrow!

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