Tribute to Harry; Part 2; Managerial Career

Welcome back guys and just a reminder; this is the second part of the “Tribute to Harry” series where I talk about his success as a manager. Stay tuned for the final part tomorrow!

Having failed to make a mark on the game yet, the London born went and took up what most players do; he started a managerial role in football. Starting his career off right where he left off, Harry Redknapp took charge of Bournemouth on 1983, a year after retiring for the club. Being handed the job surprisingly as the head coach was sacked; Harry Redknapp helped the team escape relegation from the Football League and even beat Manchester United in the 3rd round of the FA Cup by a score of 2-0.

Making his mark in the team, Harry Redknapp eventually lead this 3rd division team to winning the title and getting promoted to division 2 in 1986-1987. After achieving success and gaining respect in his early years as a manager, Redknapp was linked with a move to West Ham where he started as a teen talent. The move wasn’t completed and he was with Bournemouth for the next 2 seasons.

harry west ham

During his trip to the world cup, he was involved in a car accident in Rome where he was severely damaged along with other Italian members and was considered dead for 2 days. He was actually unconscious and got shipped back to England where he took a two year break before eventually joining West Ham United.

During this period of time Harry Redknapp faced lots of ups and downs in his career and many thought he should retire at that point. Joining Portsmouth, then Southampton and Portsmouth again in a span of just six years before making a move to Tottenham Hotspurs. During this time although he did win he FA Cup with Portsmouth in 2008, he was offered a contract from Spurs which he agreed to and stayed there for 4 years.

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