City Lack the Entusiasm

Despite their win over Arsenal at the Emirates, Manchester City, in my opinion lack the drive or enthusiasm for winning the title. As seen over a duration of time now, City have been inconsistent with their performances this season, failing to secure a spot in either of the 2 european knockout rounds that begin next month.

As compared to the United bunch, they are willing to give in their all everytime, not once has there been an interview this season not showing their thirst of regaining the title. The Citiens on the other end keep making excuses for not being able to perform to the expectations by mentioning the arrival of Robin van Persie which without doubt has been influential, however looking at the squad on paper, The Red Devils would be called upon to lose. 

It maybe their dressing room issues or personal misunderstandings, but Mancini needs to put his team together if he are still going to break the 7 point gap at the top of the league.

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