Pato. One Not to be Forgotten.

Following his departure to Brazilian club Corinthians, the native has left many of his fans including me, in a state of depression. Having grown through Europes best at the delicate age of just 16, we knew what was coming. Making his mark in International grounds at an early age as well gave us something to look forward to.

It wasn’t done there though, the teenager soon joined AC Milan at the age of 18. He put together glittering performances consistently. He was soon though hit by a series of injuries seeing him more times with the physio rather than the coaches.

Making him unavailable for the new season was yet again a six-week long hamstring problem which eventually led to speculation of him leaving, which he did only to be replaced by Mario Balotelli.

Watching him leave Europe at such a naive age pinches me due to his talent and efforts not being established as a mature player. 

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