Dynamic Duos; Mario Gotze and Marco Reus

Hello there guys! As you can tell by the title I am starting a new series (just like one for the future but I kinda left on that one, stay tuned for more!). This one is basically called Dynamic Duos where I’ll be bringing you the top partnerships around Europe or the world for that case.

So to start off this series I’ll talk about these 2 young Germans who seemingly are rocking the league with their fabulous plays.

Bringing is so much versatility and knowledge of play, the two bring in arguable the best partnership in Europe. With their passing and movement on and off the ball it’s particularly difficult to get around them. Having the assistance of striker Robert Lewandowski up top, it’s quite hard to bring a defence in the Bundesliga which is capable of stopping them.

Bayern Muenchen v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga

Rolls Reus, as they like to call him is simply derived from his ability to leave defenders behind with his speed and excellent ball control. He can also play as a striker with his awareness and sense of cool finishing. On the other hand we have Mario Gotze. Being a more technical player in the heart of the midfield, he can deliver inch perfect long balls to teasing crosses in the penalty area.

They can both play out wide or in a more central role no problem with the team adjusting just as much to their style of play. This kind of link up play makes the opposition look like kids who are dumbfounded and shocked after coming up against the duo. Putting them together we get an extraordinary product due to the bond they have formed early this season in Borussia Dortmund.

The team still however are failing to keep up their title hopes as they have fallen back into 3rd place this season. Although they have done comparatively poor in domestic competitions they have not failed to dominate on the bigger stage; the UEFA Champions League. By winning their group now in the knockout stages, eyes are solely fixed on this combination of the two young Germans.

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