Race is Over

Bayern are well placed on top of the table in the Bundelsiga with 20 points to spare over Dortmund, less than 10 games remaining and you still think they’ll lose it?

Not a question.

And you know what this does, it gives them so much confidence for the Champions League that they missed out on last season that they’ll be just as eager to win.

So things are looking in favor of the Bavarians and I surely am convinced that they will take it all this year!

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World Cup Qualifiers

What I believe about these qualifiers that occur as an international break affect the play of a lot of the players in their domestic leagues and other major competitions. It seems to break up the rythm of their play and hence does produce sloppy results, much like what we saw in today’s England side who failed to score twice against Montenegro as they took their chances and equalized the game once again; leaving England with a challenge in their last 4 games if they do want to avoid the play offs.

On the other side of things France and Spain played each other where La Roja managed o come out on top with a narrow lead of 1-0 thanks to Pedro Rodriguez. France looked very motivated for the most part but lacked the quality in the final half. This may as well be due to the burden of games on players like Franck Ribery and Olivier Giroud. 

These players also then go fatigued into their league matches giving them poor results as well, I don’t know if this is something that concerns the FIFA but I do look at it as an ongoing problem. 

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Champions League Predictions

Who will come out on top

1. Borussia Dortmund; having put a stellar display this season in Europes best they remain unbeaten I believe. Malaga have impressed so far but it seams nearly impossible to break down their rock solid defence.

2. Bayern Munich; although Juventus may have beaten Celtic 5-0 on aggregate, the Scottish side wasnt much of a test for the Italians. On the other hand we have Munchen who stumbled past a reluctant Arsenal side although they fell 2-0 in the second leg. The away goals found them through.

3. Barcelona; PSG have impressed this season, but lacking Ibrahimovic will be a blow as Barcelona will not fail to capitalize on that. Making their way past Milan in a 4-0 second leg where Milan lost the vital lead they took in Italy. Coming back in form after a few miserable losses, Barcelona will surely be happy to take on their opponents.

4. Real Madrid; Madrid will have a test against a determined Galatasary side, the Turks have looked in good shape so far but with signings like Wesley Sneijder and Didier Drogba still settling in it could be nervy to take on such an oppsoition. Madrid where as have been in this situation countless times and will proabably have the upper hand.

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