Flying Comebacks

A day with thrilling competition in both the FA cup and the Premier League.
As the games kicked off there was action in both games with Hernandez putting United in the lead over Chelsea with an early goal as so did Luis Suarez at Anfield over Spurs.
But Jan Verthongen scored 2 back to back goals to put Tottenham up. Right after the break however Stewart Downing equalized and Stevie G packed it up with a sweet penalty kick as a game ended 3-2 in favor of the hosts.
Meanwhile in the FA cup Rooney had grabbed another one to make it 2-0 adding to he previous Chicharito goal.
Second half was completely different as Hazard got a beautiful curler from the edge of he box minutes before Ramires equalized making it 2-2 as the game ended with the score line. A very disappointing result for us but we’ll win in the replay so no worries 🙂
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