Bayern Crowned Champions of Europe

We all saw what happened, it was quite thrilling and in all honesty even though I was supporting Borussia Dortmund, Bayern deserved to win. They were stronger at the back and slowly worked their way to the box. 

2-1 the final score. Robben provided a late winner as it looked we were in for extra-time. Certainly I feel for the young German side but they are young, and if they keep playing football the way the have been chances will come and so will trophies. 

What happens next is exciting since what is Pep going to do? They have achieved everything possible in the campaign yet and to succeed such a successful season surely (as I think) they have found the right person. Rumours are still around however for if Robben and Ribery are part of Pep’s plan.

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No Spurs for Champions League

After the closing of this season’s Premier League campaign and a tight finish at that where Arsenal went ahead to grab the fourth place spot and a chance to ply in the Champions League.
Bale put together yet another stellar performance as he got a brace and earned his team the full 3 points against Sunderland.
To be really frank I would rather have had Tottenham in the Champions League ahead of Arsenal because really in all their past seasons they haven’t achieved anything in Europe.
What do you guys think? Do Arsenal deserve to fair in Europe’s elite and give it about shot?
On a different note guys did you figure out the reason behind the wild celebrations at the Emirates? I would have my head in my hands after my team finish in fourth place but turns out it is as much as a delight in winning silverware!

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Mancini Out?