No Spurs for Champions League

After the closing of this season’s Premier League campaign and a tight finish at that where Arsenal went ahead to grab the fourth place spot and a chance to ply in the Champions League.
Bale put together yet another stellar performance as he got a brace and earned his team the full 3 points against Sunderland.
To be really frank I would rather have had Tottenham in the Champions League ahead of Arsenal because really in all their past seasons they haven’t achieved anything in Europe.
What do you guys think? Do Arsenal deserve to fair in Europe’s elite and give it about shot?
On a different note guys did you figure out the reason behind the wild celebrations at the Emirates? I would have my head in my hands after my team finish in fourth place but turns out it is as much as a delight in winning silverware!

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Mancini Out?

Is Bale set for an exit?

Well surely after winning both PFA player of the year and Young player of the year he has grabbed the attention of clubs like Real Madrid who seem the most likely ones in this contest to get hold of the Welsh international.

You’d be surprised to hear what he says though, he says that he would stay in London. What do you guys think? Will Mourinho get his golden chicken (if he stays) or will David Moyes snatch a deal before he settles into OT?

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