Suarez, Still Part of the Plan?

After his biting antics against Chelsea, it looked almost certain the Brendon Rodgers is going to get rid of the Uruguayan striker.
Coming in second place for the top scorer just behind Robin van Persie, Suarez shows time an time again why he is vital to the reds. Brining in Coutinho from Inter, has Rodgers found his man for the job?
Suarez looks like he’s headed straight out the door even after insisting multiple times how close he holds the club to his heart.
It seems like Napoli are going to be buying the services of Luis Suarez as it looks just more and more likely that Edinson Cavani will be leaving the Naples.
What do you guys think?

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Bayern Crowned Champions of Europe

We all saw what happened, it was quite thrilling and in all honesty even though I was supporting Borussia Dortmund, Bayern deserved to win. They were stronger at the back and slowly worked their way to the box. 

2-1 the final score. Robben provided a late winner as it looked we were in for extra-time. Certainly I feel for the young German side but they are young, and if they keep playing football the way the have been chances will come and so will trophies. 

What happens next is exciting since what is Pep going to do? They have achieved everything possible in the campaign yet and to succeed such a successful season surely (as I think) they have found the right person. Rumours are still around however for if Robben and Ribery are part of Pep’s plan.

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